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Cuban Tree Frog Care Sheet

Description: The Cuban Tree Frog is significantly larger than most other species of tree frogs.
Scientific Name: Osteopilus septentrionalis
Lifespan: 5 years
Average Size: 5 inches
Origin: Cuba


Juvenile Cuban Tree Frogs should be fed on a daily basis with a diet consisting of primarily crickets, moths and beetles. Other insects of similar size can also be used. Adult Tree Frogs should only be fed every two or three days and can be fed the same mixture of insects. Once they are large enough you can also feed them pinky mice on occasion.


Humidity: 50% to 60% humidity is required for Cuban Tree Frogs to remain healthy.
Lighting: Cuban Tree Frogs sleep during the night which causes them to have no specific lighting requirements. You should try to keep the area that the live in dark for 12 hours a day though during the night.
Physical Design: These frogs love to climb and spend most of their time high up in trees and plants. For this reason be sure that you give them plenty of plants (preferably live) and branches to climb on.
Size: Between and 20 and 25 gallon tank should be sufficient for a single Cuban Tree Frog.
Substrate: Do not use anything for a substrate that can be ingested which can cause impaction. Peat moss or potting soil would be good to use for a substrate.
Temperature: A daytime temperature level of about 85 degrees F with a nighttime temperature of about 75 degrees F works well for this species of frog. This temperature should not be hard to reach in your house however if required you can use an under-tank heater.
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